Cumberland Center for Lifestyle Changes
G. Stephen Hayes, MD, Medical Director
Take Charge of Your Health

The Cumberland Center for Lifestyle Changes is a medical center focused on providing a plethora of restorative health services. Located in Stevenson, Alabama, our team is centralized on making available medically-supervised weight loss program options, and creating and maintaining enjoyable and healthy lifestyles to fulfill patients’ nutrition needs.


At the Cumberland Center for Lifestyle Changes, we organize flexible and manageable weight loss plans in order to allow you to adjust, adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve lasting success.


In our efforts to assist you in preserving your health, our skilled specialists are also dedicated to reversing, treating and preventing certain conditions. We offer smoking cessation treatments for those who have struggled with quitting. As we understand that our outer appearances are sometimes as important as our inner health, our experts are on hand to offer treatment options for those with thinning or shedding hair, and to provide anti-aging remedies.

When Making the Decision to Fully Manage Your Health and Well-Being, the Decision is Only Step One of the Process, as the Course of Action Requires a Lifestyle Change. At the Cumberland Center for Lifestyle Changes, we Adjust to Your Routines and Organize Programs that Will Help You Be the Best You Can Be. Your Physician will Work One-On-One with You to Develop a Plan that is Personalized for Your Needs, and the Outcome will be Phenomenal.



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